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“A Synchronous Reactive Language based on Implicit Invocation”

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Observados os dispositivos do art. 6º da DELIBERAÇÃO 001/76, será defendida no dia 16/03/2009 às 10:00h, no local RDC511, a DISSERTAÇÃO DE MESTRADO intitulada “A Synchronous Reactive Language based on Implicit Invocation” do(a) aluno(a) Francisco Figueiredo Goytacaz Sant’Anna candidato ao título de Mestre em Informática.


The reactive programming paradigm covers a wide range of applications, such as games and multimedia systems.
Mainstream languages neglect reactive programming, lacking language-level primitives that focus on synchronism and interactions within application parts.

We propose a new reactive synchronous language, with an imperative style, whose primitives are based on unconventional implicit invocation mechanisms.
With this work, we intend to unite the essential features of reactive languages while keeping a convenient imperative style of programming.
A reactive scheduler is responsible for executing reactors, our processing units, based on dependency relations between them built dynamically.
Our language provides dataflow programming, sequential imperative execution, and deterministic use of shared-memory.


Written by francisco

March 9, 2009 at 10:13 pm

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