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Céu “organisms”

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I’m about to release the version 0.4 of Céu (already available on github [1] and a dedicated VM [2]).

The language had many improvements [3], but by far, the addition of a “class” system was the most significant.

A powerful abstraction functionality is a must to augment the scope of the language from constrained embedded systems to mobile and desktop platforms.

I’ve been playing with Céu + SDL [4] for a while and came up with this idea of mixing objects (interface+explicit state) with trails (subprograms+implicit state) into a single functionality (an “organism”).

The videos that follow go through the most important concepts of Céu, starting from the basics of synchronous parallel compositions, up to the class system with scoped objects that are automatically reclaimed by the language run-time.


Céu basics


Céu with SDL


Céu organisms


Céu dynamic organisms




[3] (see HISTORY)



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May 10, 2013 at 12:30 pm

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